This Old Colonial Home

Filling our house with love and a lot of DIY

A Work in Progress


Just like this blog, so too is our house — a work in progress. Since this is my first post, a little introduction is needed. My name is Kelly. I’m a public relations professional, new homeowner and fan of flea markets. My husband and I recently bought this old colonial home in New Jersey that we share with our border collie mix, Luca. IMG_1183We fell in love with the house upon first viewing — its size, ample storage and charming chestnut trim. No major issues came up in our inspection and so far we haven’t had any big surprises (knock on wood). There are plenty of projects, however, that we plan to tackle. It’s pretty much a clean slate with white walls everywhere, which means much painting is in our future. But the very first and foremost project involves ripping up the lovely 1980s pinkish-red carpets that are hiding 75 year old hardwoods underneath! Down the road we hope to redo the upstairs bathroom (which by the way has no electrical outlet. What?!); replace the concrete patio with a more inviting wood deck; and knock down a wall to make our galley kitchen a little more functional. With all these projects, we’re hoping to be thrifty when it comes to furnishing and decorating. I’m just not the type of person who can spend $500+ on a dresser or even $40 on a pillow. It’s just a pillow! We’ll hit up flea markets, estate sales, craigslist and use some good old DIY to get similar, expensive looks for less. So please, keep coming back for updates as we work to make this house into our home.

7 thoughts on “A Work in Progress

  1. Fun, Kelly! Congratulations on buying your home – it’s charming! I’ll keep checking back for updates 🙂


  2. Nice start Kelly. I’ll be checking up on you!


  3. If you are looking for pillows, just send me a picture of what you would like and I can sew some up for you as a housewarming gift! I can even make them 80’s pink if you are looking for nostalgia….


  4. Our downstairs bathroom has no outlet either. And from 1937 until 2005, that was the only bathroom in the house!


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