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Gallery Wall

It’s been several months in the making, but we finally completed and hung a gallery wall in our living room. We have a lot of blank walls to fill, and after seeing this post by With Love, From California I was truly inspired! I knew it would be the perfect addition.Blank wall behind couch perfect for gallery wall Following her lead, Jamie and I measured the wall above our couch factoring in a 12″ perimeter. There was one tricky part though. Our couch isn’t centered along the wall because of a door that swings open. So since the couch is off-centered, we figured it was best to keep the gallery wall the same way. That way it’ll still be centered over the couch and we won’t have pieces hidden behind the door, which is almost always open wide.

Once we had the measurements, like With Love, From CA, I cut pieces of string to mirror the dimensions and laid them on the floor to recreate the wall space. I now had a place where I could play with the arrangement of frames, artwork, etc. until I got it just the way I wanted. As for deciding what went into the gallery wall, I started by collecting various frames and artwork I already had. Since I mainly had black and silver and some ivory mats, I decided to stick with that theme knowing I wanted to use just black and white photos. This was the first layout I came up with.lay gallery wall pieces on floor to rearrange (Notice the brown dinner plate. I liked the idea of using a circular piece there to break it up a little, but I didn’t have anything at the time that would work. I also wasn’t sure what to put in the lower right corner. Hence the ‘?’)

I eventually found a clock (on that I loved. Even though we already have a clock on the mantel, this one was the perfect size and I really liked the skeletons keys on it! So I went for it. I also swapped out the silver frame with the ‘&’ for a black one that I found at Home Goods. I felt there was too much silver. I also swapped the small, silver square frame with the medium, rectangular silver frame for better spacing.Rearranging gallery wall layoutI was almost there. I still needed something for that lower corner. I had thought about just making a piece of artwork out of scraps of wood we have. But then I came across another great frame, this time at Target. Finally, it was set to go!Gallery wall final layout To hang it, we started by using the original measurements and marked off the corners on the wall.Measure and mark corners for hanging gallery wall Jamie then took over the hanging process. He started by doing each corner first then working his way in, fixing any spacing issues or slight measuring errors along the way. (Luckily, any mistake holes just get covered.)In progress hanging gallery wall Here’s what it looked like when he was done.Gallery wall completely hung And here’s how the absolute final product looks with all the appropriate photos in it. I love how it turned out!Gallery wall behind couch in living room Complete gallery wall in living room Use scrapbook paper in some of the frames I  used scrapbook paper in some of the frames.Eye chart displayed in frame I decided to nix the ‘&’ and printed a free and custom eye chart from Bonus points if you know what it says!


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Everyday Mantel

Yes, I’m doing yet another post on our fireplace. You’ve seen it decked out for Fall and Christmas, but now I wanted to share our ‘everyday’ mantel.

With all of the other projects we’ve been working on (aren’t there always projects?!) – it’s taken me a little while to get to this. But I finally incorporated some new items we received and I’m pretty happy with it. It just needs some candles, though I don’t mind the candlesticks just by themselves. What do you think?Brick fireplace with rustic mantel decorI decided to keep the old window, which I had used at Christmas. We got this great clock from Hobby Lobby as a Christmas gift from my parents. The crock was a gift from Jamie’s mom. All the other items we already had, except for the brass owl. That was a flea market find from my Dad. And don’t you just love old, hardcover books?Vintage scale and old hard-covered booksRustic mantel with window pane and clock So I think this will pretty much be how the mantel remains throughout the year – until I get bored with it haha! But right now I’m loving its simple, vintage vibe!




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Free Find

It amazes me some of the stuff people throw away sometimes, and some of the awesome things I come across while just walking my dog! Another great item was sitting out on the curb for garbage over the weekend. My husband helped me lug back this great find!


Their garbage is my (FREE) gain! I actually found it at the same house where I got those free antique sleds. (Don’t remember? Check it out here.)

I had been looking around for an old dresser to make new again — with the idea being to turn it into a TV stand for our family room. Something like this, which I saw on Pinterest:

pinterest dresser

The one we snatched up is in pretty good condition. It just needs some sanding and paint and new hardware. I haven’t decided yet what color it should be. What color do you think I should paint or stain it? Be sure to check back at a later date for the makeover reveal!