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Free Find

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It amazes me some of the stuff people throw away sometimes, and some of the awesome things I come across while just walking my dog! Another great item was sitting out on the curb for garbage over the weekend. My husband helped me lug back this great find!


Their garbage is my (FREE) gain! I actually found it at the same house where I got those free antique sleds. (Don’t remember? Check it out here.)

I had been looking around for an old dresser to make new again — with the idea being to turn it into a TV stand for our family room. Something like this, which I saw on Pinterest:

pinterest dresser

The one we snatched up is in pretty good condition. It just needs some sanding and paint and new hardware. I haven’t decided yet what color it should be. What color do you think I should paint or stain it? Be sure to check back at a later date for the makeover reveal!

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