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Everyday Mantel

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Yes, I’m doing yet another post on our fireplace. You’ve seen it decked out for Fall and Christmas, but now I wanted to share our ‘everyday’ mantel.

With all of the other projects we’ve been working on (aren’t there always projects?!) – it’s taken me a little while to get to this. But I finally incorporated some new items we received and I’m pretty happy with it. It just needs some candles, though I don’t mind the candlesticks just by themselves. What do you think?Brick fireplace with rustic mantel decorI decided to keep the old window, which I had used at Christmas. We got this great clock from Hobby Lobby as a Christmas gift from my parents. The crock was a gift from Jamie’s mom. All the other items we already had, except for the brass owl. That was a flea market find from my Dad. And don’t you just love old, hardcover books?Vintage scale and old hard-covered booksRustic mantel with window pane and clock So I think this will pretty much be how the mantel remains throughout the year – until I get bored with it haha! But right now I’m loving its simple, vintage vibe!




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