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O Christmas Tree

What is it about Christmas trees? It’s kind of an odd tradition when you really think about it, but there’s just something so magical about them. My husband and I aren’t even around much to enjoy it, but we can’t imagine not having one. So over the weekend, the two of us set out to get a real Christmas tree. We went to a local place, and after about half an hour walking through the rows of trees in the crisp weather we finally decided on this one.

photo 1(2)

They strapped it to the roof of our car and off we went back home to decorate it. Once we got it inside, as is tradition, I put on some Christmas music to listen to while we worked. We also had the fire going. There were a few issues with some strings of lights and I had to make an unexpected trip to Walgreens, but otherwise it was enjoyable. I think unwrapping the ornaments is my favorite part. It’s always a surprise – “Oh yeah, I forgot about this one!” And then finding the perfect spot to place it on the tree.


And just when we finished, it started snowing! I love that! Here’s the final result. I had fun playing around with different camera settings.



What’s your favorite part about trimming the tree?


Deck the Halls

Since Thanksgiving fell so late this year, we quickly had to turn from thankfulness to the Christmas craziness. I don’t know about you, but I just can’t allow myself to get into the holiday spirit until after Thanksgiving, even if that does mean there are only 4 weeks left (eek!). That being said, we wasted no time this past weekend getting ready for the first Christmas in our new home.

The first thing I tackled – after cleaning – was the mantel. I didn’t really have a plan of attack. The only thing I knew I wanted to incorporate was a 6-pane window I found in the attic of our garage. So I started with that and worked around it using items I already had. One issue I encountered – there’s an outlet on the wall above the mantel, which you can easily hide with a picture or clock, but with a window, not so much. In comes the “Happy Holidays” sign. I decided to hang that from the window using gift wrapping ribbon and voila, the outlet is now strategically hidden!


I continued to go through our Christmas storage bins, picking out anything that caught my eye and might work. I used pre-lit garland, candle sticks, my favorite chalkboard platter, and real pine cones left over from my Thanksgiving place card holders! Oh and remember those two wooden sleds I snagged for free (see post here)? I used the smaller one by the fireplace, adding a little faux garland to it. Here’s the final result:


 DSC_0023 DSC_0025 DSC_0026  DSC_0029-002DSC_0033

In the dining room, I changed out the table runner and added a simple glass bowl filled with ornaments. I also put a few decorative items on the ladder shelf, including 3 mason jars with pine cones inside, to carry over from the living room.


DSC_0036 DSC_0040 DSC_0043

Outside, I used the larger sled on our front steps. I added real pine branches, which I found in someone’s curbside leaf pile, and I used that same gift wrapping ribbon for the bow! I am beyond happy with this decoration. It was completely free!


And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without lights! I placed candles in all of the front windows and my husband adorned the bushes. I love white lights, they’re so classy!


Next weekend we get the tree! What are some of your decorating tricks?