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O Christmas Tree

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What is it about Christmas trees? It’s kind of an odd tradition when you really think about it, but there’s just something so magical about them. My husband and I aren’t even around much to enjoy it, but we can’t imagine not having one. So over the weekend, the two of us set out to get a real Christmas tree. We went to a local place, and after about half an hour walking through the rows of trees in the crisp weather we finally decided on this one.

photo 1(2)

They strapped it to the roof of our car and off we went back home to decorate it. Once we got it inside, as is tradition, I put on some Christmas music to listen to while we worked. We also had the fire going. There were a few issues with some strings of lights and I had to make an unexpected trip to Walgreens, but otherwise it was enjoyable. I think unwrapping the ornaments is my favorite part. It’s always a surprise – “Oh yeah, I forgot about this one!” And then finding the perfect spot to place it on the tree.


And just when we finished, it started snowing! I love that! Here’s the final result. I had fun playing around with different camera settings.



What’s your favorite part about trimming the tree?

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