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Luca to the Rescue

black border collie mixSome might say that a house is not a home without paw prints. I know our house wouldn’t be the same without Luca, our border collie mix. Sure, we’d have less dirt and dog hair tumble weeds trailing along the floors and furniture, but it would feel empty without him. Since Luca is a rescue, we don’t know his actual birthday. So on August 5 we celebrate his Adoption Day! It was two years ago today that I picked up this little guy with his now-dubbed “lazy left ear” — and life hasn’t been the same since.luca in backseatWe may have lost a few socks, sweaters, pillows and blankets in that time due to his chewing skills, but what we’ve gained is priceless: love, affection, and loyalty. Yes, we joke that he’s part donkey (because he’s a stubborn ass), but when push comes to shove we still love every bit of him and we know he loves us back — dog kisses included!

He is our “first born.” While we may only be dog parents for now, that doesn’t mean we’re not learning something. He teaches us kindness and patience every day. He is friendly and outgoing and hasn’t met a person yet that he doesn’t like. I truly believe he helps make us better luca a hug

cuddling luca He is our goofball. He fills our rooms with smiles and laughter. He enjoys a good butt rub and will let you know by nuzzling into you.

He is our protector. He will bark if there is someone outside or if there’s a bunny in our yard. He gets excited at the sound of the doorbell … even if it is just on the TV! It’s silly and adorable! But we always feel safer at night knowing he’s there at the top of the stairs looking out for his owners.luca the black beautySo while Jamie and I work so hard to make our old colonial house into a home — with Luca there, it already is. We love you, pal!poses of luca