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This is by no means original, but it’s a decor item that I’ve been wanting for awhile — a silver platter chalkboard. I, of course, took matters into my own hands. It’s a fairly simple DIY project. I already had the chalkboard paint, it was just a matter of finding the platter. I checked out a couple flea markets without any luck. But I soon found this beaut at a local thrift store!Silver platter from thrift store All I had to do was lightly sand the surface so the paint would stick. I used a foam brush to apply the paint. I didn’t bother taping off the edge, so that was a little tricky because of the pattern, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.Chalk paint on silver platterIt’s not perfect, but I kind of prefer it that way. It looks great on a mantel or buffet! What have you created with chalkboard paint that you’re proud of?

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