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Office Paint Job


This isn’t the most glamorous room, but it’s kinda the only DIY project that we’ve done as of late. So let’s just get real life for a moment.

Pale green home office


I’ve never shown our home office before because, well, it looked like this. Please excuse the drabness. I mean it is an office after all filled with papers and bills and mail. Ideally, I would want it to look more like this:houzz-organized-officeBut c’mon people, is anyone’s home office legitimately that organized and clutter-free all the time? If so, then I’m seriously jealous intrigued.

Eventually we hope to improve the décor in here, but for now we decided to at least give it a new color. Jamie painted it Silver Blueberry by Olympic.

Blue home office


Even though they say you shouldn’t paint small rooms dark colors, I like it! It definitely feels more office-y. Maybe now I’ll be more efficient. (Probably not.)

As you can see we each have our own desks and separate computers. Jamie doesn’t want to share with me. 😛 The plan is to one day build a desk in the back corner, possibly similar to the one in the above Houzz picture.

I also really want to make some pipe shelves. I think these are so awesome! Like this one. But, man, piping is pricey!pipe shelvesWe also desperately need organizers of some sort and maybe a bulletin board. Piece by piece it will eventually get there. But remember, this is real life. We have a whole entire house that we’re painting, improving, decorating, etc. It takes time and we can’t do it all at once. But it’s fun to dream up ideas and future DIYs. Am I right?




2 thoughts on “Office Paint Job

  1. Great color! I always get colors wrong – too bright… too dark… too pale… too light… an now (on Thursday) we will have an entire house to paint. Ahhhhh! Question – when you have an entire house to decorate, DIY, etc, how do you decide where to begin? We have no furniture (10ish big moves – we travel light!), and no money… not sure where (or how) to begin (but I have a glorious pile of clippings from over the years that I WANT our house to look like within one month of move in – haha! 🙂 So… suggestions for where to begin?


    • Thanks, Renee! Congrats on the house!! You better post some pictures 🙂 Where to begin is really up to you. Maybe think about which room is most important to you and your family. Maybe it’s the family room or the kids’ bedrooms. Jamie and I tend to bounce around. We’ll work on a project in one room one weekend and then completely switch gears the next. It would be nice to just wave a wand and have everything unpack itself and have your house looking like it came straight out of a magazine. But unfortunately that’s not reality. We’ve been in our house a year and a half and technically we’re still not fully unpacked and have only 1 “officially” finished room. You just have to be patient and work on it gradually. When it comes to furniture, definitely invest in good, new sofas and mattresses if you don’t already have. Anything else (tables, lamps, chairs) you can always find at yard sales, thrift stores, etc. As for paint colors, the “experts” say you should think of your house as a whole and pick only a few colors and ones that flow well. I say, pick whatever and however many as you want! It’s your house after all. You can always get little samples from Lowes or Home Depot for around $3 to see what it’ll actually look like. Also, we’ve been happy with the quality of the paint they carry. Valspar is usually our go-to. Benjamin Moore (which they don’t carry) is probably my favorite, but it’s about $20 more per gallon! I hope this was helpful. Feel free to email me if you want to discuss further. I’m happy to help! 🙂


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